Citrus Cleaner – 500ml

Citrus Cleaner 500ml

Citrus Cleaner – 500ml


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100% Chemical Free All Purpose Cleaner
This wonderful natural cleaning product will mop up kitchen spills and splatters with ease. A few sprays, wipe and your kitchen will sparkle and shine. Cuts through grease with ease and leaves behind a refreshing zesty zing and cleans to perfection without harsh chemical fumes or residue.

Infused with Organic Citrus oils, this is a versatile biodegradable and environmentally friendly cleaning product that powerfully cuts through grease on multiple surfaces.

Use this natural cleaner on solid surface countertops, on appliances, in bathrooms— almost everywhere! The base of this cleaner is the all-natural cleaning powerhouse, vinegar but to add to the disinfectant properties (and honestly, to put a damper on the vinegar smell), the vinegar is infused with citrus peels.

Citrus Cleaner is a non-hazardous and non-flammable product. It is based on a natural solvent from orange peel called d-limonene. This helps with the degreasing performance of this organically based product.

This Multi-Purpose Kitchen cleaner cleans and deodorises your whole kitchen. It’s safe for use on refrigerators, dishwashers, microwaves and oven surfaces. It is safe to use on all benches and all food storage areas. This eco-friendly powerhouse formula cuts through dirt, grime and harmful food-borne bacteria.

It is a multi-talented quick drying spray that leaves your surfaces squeaky clean with no fear of nasty residues. The plant and mineral-based formula cuts through grease and grime without breath-taking chemical smells. Look at the back of any store-bought cleaner—so many crazy chemicals. Primal Cottages’ Citrus Cleaner knocks out kitchen grease and food spills without leaving chemical residues in your kitchen.

This amazing natural cleaning product allows you to breeze through your housework faster and more effectively and the best part is you no longer have to compromise your health for the sake of cleanliness.
Safe – Simple – Effective!

Vinegar, Organic Citrus Oils, Sea Salt.

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  1. 5 out of 5

    Jennifer Whitby

    Who would’ve thought a natural product, free from chemicals, would get rid of kitchen grease and grime so effectively. It smells orangey too. I have young children and I’m passionate about keeping their environment free from as many toxins as possible. I’ve tried a few of Primal Cottages’ products so far and have not been disappointed. Thanks! – Jennifer

  2. 5 out of 5


    Lovely product & smells great.

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