Shower Spray

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100% Chemical Free (NO SCRUB) Shower Spray

If cleaning the shower is one of your least favourite chores, then this is the product for you. I started making my own chemical free cleaning products, many years ago, because it felt like I would die from the toxic fumes of the store-bought shower cleaners. I would literally hold my breath, spray on whatever the product was, scrub and then hurriedly escape the shower cubical so I could take a breath, only to repeat the process over and over until the job was done. There had to be a better way. It wasn’t that long ago that people used basic natural, every day, recognisable ingredients to keep their houses clean. There wasn’t a whole isle (or two) in the supermarket dedicated to cleaning and sanitising every square inch of our homes.
Thus, Primal Cottages’ Shower Spray was born. Simply spray all wet surfaces after every couple of showers to keep soap build-up and mildew at bay between the more thorough cleanings.

There’s way too much scrubbing involved in shower cleaning. I hate seeing the mildew develop in all the nooks and crannies and that soap film on the glass but, all that scrubbing! If you hate scrubbing as much as I do, a daily shower spray is a must. Deep cleanings will become easier and less frequent.

Maybe every month or two, give your shower tiles and glass a little scrubbing with my Cream Cleaner, and it will look great. No heavy-duty scrubbing is needed because the daily spray keeps things from building up.

Primal Cottage’s Shower Spray does have a vinegar aroma, but I’ve tried to subdue this with a citrusy oil blend, but the results will speak for themselves especially when you know it’s free of all chemical residue and nasty toxins.
Simple – Safe – Effective


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