What is called physical (as opposed to emotional) detox includes both detoxification of the body and environmental detoxification, both of which are necessary elements for healing.

Physical detoxification begins with clean food and clean water. Clean food is relatively simple: eat only organic, whole food, from reputable sources. Avoid anything that is packaged of processed. However, the environment has become so toxic, even local “certified organic” produce is contaminated with heavy metals and other toxins (supplements can be taken to help move those toxins out of the system). Genetically modified (GMO) food and other food tainted with Glyphosate, along with unhealthy oils, should be avoided.

Other sources of “physical” and “environmental” toxicity include:

• Things we put on our bodies, such as shampoo, beauty products, perfume, toothpaste, deodorant, hair and skin-care products. Never put anything on your body you would not willingly ingest. Anything that you rub on your skin or put on your gums has direct access to your blood stream. This is why pharmacological substances (such as nicotine or bioidentical hormones) are directly accessible to the blood when taken transdermally (delivered across the skin for systematic distribution).

• Polluted air and micro-toxins. Mold contamination contributes to a significant number of illnesses.

• Chemical laden household cleaning products, plastic bottles and containers, formaldehyde, BPA, Styrofoam, just to name a few, are sources of toxins and should be avoided as much as possible.

• Electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) from cordless phones, wi-fi routers and other wireless devices.

• Blue light (and other unhealthy artificial light). Much is discussed these days about the impact of blue light (the primary light that emanates from LED’s, computers, tablets and cell-phones) on circadian rhythms. What is less known is the impact that such lighting has on the functioning of the mitochondria.

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